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Bewildering Stories Review Board
and Associate Editors

Edward Ahern
Bill Bowler
Gary Clifton
Charles C. Cole
Ada Fetters
Gary Inbinder
Bill Kowaleski
Michael E. Lloyd, part 1; part 2
Alison McBain
Marina J. Neary
John Stocks
Lewayne L. White
Jerry Wright and Don Webb, part 1;

Roberta Branca
Beverly Forehand
Heather J. Frederick
Channie Greenberg
Ásgrímur Hartmannsson
Andrea Laws
Mark Murdock
Sheila Murdock
Bill Prindle
James R. Rudolph
Cheryl Ruggiero

Bewildering Stories authors

Jack Alcott by Phil Reisman
Tala Bar
Tantra Bensko by Ron Bales
Bertil Falk
Mike Florian
Gary Inbinder by Jessica Knauss
Oonah V. Joslin
Rebecca Lu Kiernan
Maria Kontak
Harry Lang
Aidan Lucid
Rachel V. Olivier
Richard Ong
Danielle L. Parker
Carmen Ruggero
Clarise Samuels
Robert L. Sellers, Jr.
Tim Simmons
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith
John Thiel
Steven Utley , part 1; part 2


David Drake by Eric S. Brown
Greg Gifune by Eric S. Brown
Eric Hamel and Steven Lyold, of Nocturne Press, by Eric S. Brown
Joshua Sikora
Al J. Vermette, editor of Sapphire Publications, by Eric S. Brown
Stephanie Weidner, publisher, Silver Lake Publishing, by Eric S. Brown

Fictional interview

Maria Etxea by Thomas R. (alternate history)

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