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What’s in Issue 70


In the year 4615, Deep Bora’s deep-space scientific adventurers will refresh themselves with pineapple juice and sandwiches while discovering the “Twilight Zone” on Uranus.

Short Stories

Meanwhile, Tala Bar’s heroine could do with some ice cream after discovering a sinister kind of twilight zone of her own during “A Night in the Alps” (the story is an excerpt from a novel). On the other hand, it’s broad, hot, gritty daylight all the time in the twilight zone of Gerald Sheagren’s “The Death Rider.”

Kate Bachus gives us something completely different: a story anyone would wish far away into the twilight zone of the imagination but which refers to a period in history that is all too real. “Twenty Views of Tanforan” is a short story in twenty episodes; the title refers to a series of artworks with Mt. Fuji in the background. Bewildering Stories is proud to bring you a small, instant classic of American historical fiction.


Thomas R. has favored us with another poem, “Reunion.” It goes squarely counter to the theme of ultimate endings found in much of his other works to date.


The Challenge is a double one. The first has to do with the landscapes in Tala Bar’s and Gerald Sheagren’s stories. The second has to do with the nature of time and perspective in “Twenty Views of Tanforan.”

In the Reading Room, Jerry Wright reviews Lawrence Watt-EvansObsidian Chronicles (Dragon Weather, The Dragon Society, Dragon Venom) and muses whether webzines or authors are “fungible.”

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In Times to Come

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