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What’s in Issue 76


Doug Schaefer has kindly allowed us to bring you one of his Christmas cards, A Merry Visigothic Christmas. No matter how “old timey” a Christmas scene may be, there’s always something familiar about it. Sometimes strangely familiar...


Michael J A Tyzuk concludes his latest episode of Moonshadow on an apparently happy note: has Michelle really reformed the hero? Is he really “Going Straight”?

Tala Bar continues the adventures of Ya’el in chapter 3. Yin’am is quite taken with Ya’el and would like to sweep her away to his palace. Only, Ya’el has Doubts about the arrangements; she’s one to make up her own mind.

Short Stories

Christopher Fulbright depicts a little girl who is undaunted by complex electronics and engineering problems, especially when they can be solved by magic. Re-engineering her Dad, though, proves to be a project of another order in “The Remote Controlled Man.”

In the spirit of the season, Don Webb offers you a time-travel story that takes place at some point between Christmas and Easter: “Don’t Get Noticed.”

Flash Fiction

Charles Richard Laing’s “Santa Cat” might make the reader think of the legend that, on Christmas Eve, animals can talk. What truly bewildering stories might they tell? Here’s one who gets straight to the point.


Carols and stars bedeck interstellar distances in Thomas R.’s “Estrella.”


Challenge 76 opens the door to questions big and small: “What do you say...


Bewildering Stories welcomes...
Christopher Fulbright and Charles Richard Laing

Jerry Wright appreciates Terry Pratchett in the Reading Room. Jerry’s editorial recounts some computer woes and poses a neat little “challenge” of his own: how cultural taboos can cause military conundrums.

In Times to Come

Tala Bar’s Ya’el will attend a big party, and her life is going to get even more complicated. Michael J A Tyzuk will continue “The Dilemma,” which concluded in issue 60, with a new three-part sequel. In the short stories, Donald Sullivan has a textbook case for interstellar explorers: how not to make “first contact” with extraterrestrials. Lou Antonelli returns with a time-travel story that explains the true origin of the term e-mail “spam.”

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