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What’s in Issue 83

From the cosmic to the abyss — by way of skullduggery and comedy, sparkling ideas, and analyses both cool and passionate — Mighty 83 rocks around the sidereal clock!


Julian Lawler’s The Prophet of Dreams reaches the halfway point. High politics is the order of the day. And sometimes the best thing a politician can do is... nothing. Chapter 6 shows why, as “Lord Noral Keeps His Counsel.”


Gerald Sheagren returns with the first half of a two-part horror serial featuring murder and revenge. One character is “Fried,” but two others deserve to have their goose cooked.

Short Stories

Craig Snyder’s short story is almost a prose poem of cosmic existential struggle in “The Dark.”

Clint Venezuela depicts the anti-calendrical frenzy of a die-hard fan of a hopeless football team: “The Beantown Silverfish.”

Flash Fiction

Dustin LaValley forces the reader to take part in a scene in a decrepit garret where a Beauty awaits a Beast. By the picture that’s painted, the beast is pure evil. And a picture is worth a thousand words, right? We may think twice about that with “She Waits in the Moonlight.”


Kevin Ahearn objects strenuously to novelists he sees as playing fast and loose with history as it actually happened. His guest editorial: “When Alternate History Denies History.”


In Times to Come

In issue 84, Michael J A Tyzujk brings “Take the Helena” to a rousing conclusion. Anthony Heffernan has an odd short story about a heart attack. Thomas Lee Joseph Smith returns with a comic story about a film rental. Charles Richard Laing and Craig Snyder return with two flashes, and Norman A. Rubin sends us another fascinating historical article on artistic metalworking.

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