Bewildering Stories

Januwhimsy 2003

Issue #29


Special Feature
The Other World

by Cyrano de Bergerac

Episode 4: What is a burglar in Infinity
Episode 5: Transforming a Stove Lid
Episode 6: 5... 4... 3... Blast off! ...2... 1...
(translated by Don Webb)

Short Stories

Symmetry Breaking: A Love Story by Chris Dodson
Hell Raisin by Byron Starr
Sub-Dark by Byron Starr
On Television by Tim Thompson


Magnificent Desolation by Kate Bachus


First Bewildering Stories Writers’ Conference


Five Poems on a Theme by Thomas R.
Answers by Jonathan Isenor
Dreams by Paul Carroll
The Lunar Discotheque Poem by Jorge Candelas


The Reading Room by Jerry Wright
Januwhimsy Letters
Editorial by Jerry Wright

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