Bewildering Stories

Augury 2002

Issue #5



Quest for Perspicacity: Part 1 by C.C. Cheez
The Aisle of the Ductile Moron: Part One by Aerin Drek

Short Stories

A Quiet Burning by David Lee Summers
A Whopper with Cheese by Ed Malak
An Interview with Governor Bird by Sherry Gray
Tanglefoot by Lorraine Pinelli Brown
How the Truth Came to Gertrude by William W.
Once Upon a Treetop by Karen M.
Stupid Story 6 by Enogee Drink
The Gate by Chris Spoone
The Teapot Song by Thomas Lee Joseph Smith
Agack, the Light! by Decmerion P. Newhamstershire, Esq.
Thought Processes by M.D. Verem
The Random Universe Next Door by Kali Ferngrove


River by Jo Bloggs
Silicate Sentience by Sherry Smith Gray
The Sorceress and the Moon by Bobbi Sinha-Morey
Un Poème de Pomme D. Terre
Path of the Flying Beaver by R.E. Dorsal


My Normal Life by Pittagarus K. Coleoptera
The Force of Temporal Power by P. Silversmith


Editorial: Play Bewildering Ball! by Don W.
Editorial: Pseudomonthly Publishing by The Invincible Spud
Augury 2002 Letters

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