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Year’s End 2005

Anthology of Editors’ Choices
from issues 151-175

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We mark a season of holidays with this unnumbered issue. It brings you the editors’ favorites from the first half of Bewildering Stories’ fourth year of publication. New readers will have a sample of what Bewildering Stories has been doing, and veteran readers will have the chance to catch up on anything they may have missed. We’ll resume regular publication with issue 179 on January 2, 2006.

This two-page Retrospective is a first for Bewildering Stories. It may seem long, and we are thinking of issuing quarterly Retrospectives. However, the selections in the short stories and longer represent about 30 percent of the total in those categories in the 25 issues covered. The editors feel that everything here belongs here, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have!

Short Stories

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Everything in green is a link. Lists proceed alphabetically by author and chronologically by title.

All serialized works must have concluded at some point in issues 151-175 in order to qualify. Any that concluded later or still have a conclusion pending may be eligible for future anthologies. Novels link to the table of contents in the authors’ bibliographies; everything else links to the first installment.

Novels euhal allen, The Bridge
Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs
Novellas Jeff Brown, The Diner and That Same Old Feeling Again
Rachel Parsons, I Still Wake from Nightmares
Serials Gracie Motley, The Back Yard
Slawomir Rapala, Through the Sands of Southern Deserts
Catfish Russ, Klepto
Joe Vadalma, A Visit to the 21st Century
Thomas R. Willits, No Place for Us
euhal allen, Sidris’ Assets
Robert Allen, The Hunt
Lou Antonelli, The Queen of Guilty Pleasures
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Fall Silent | A Boy in a Corner with Chalk in His Eyes
J. Alan Brown, Followed by Fire
D. J. Burnham, Meltdown
Dario Ciriello, Tigger Walks the Planck
Leighton Connor, The Rosamund Trap
John Faucett, Racing with the Moon
Francisco Ruíz Fernández, Strange Farewell
James Finn, The Greers’ Holiday
Kaolin Fire, Testing
Beverly Forehand, Repossession | Soul Searching
Jörn Grote, Death Unstung | Open Minds
Sean Hower, Tribal Huntress
Mark Koerner, Voices from Tomorrow
Harry Lang, Wham, Bam!
R D Larson, Ligulae
D. A. Madigan, Primogeniture | Electronic Submission
    The Eldritch Horror From Beyond the Nether Void
Susan Mart-Charman, The Ad
David Mitenko, The Truth About Bats
Patrick K. Morgan, Orange Julius
Audie A. Murphy, The Grand Pineda
Rachel Parsons, The Words of the Dead Are My Only Comfort
    An Understandable Mistake
    The Most Exasperating Woman on the Planet
William G. Schweitzer, The Drama Major
Robert L. Sellers, Jr., Posse | The Gentlemen’s Club
    Widow Maker | Witchy Woman
    Dead Men Hanging | Dead Speak
Tamara Sheehan, Valeo, Valete
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, War of the Worlds | Patent Pending
Don J. Webb, Seventeen Views of Madness

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