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Bewildering Stories’
Annual Review, 2009

Editors’ Choices: issues 319-365

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Short Stories

John R. Albers, Master of the Winds
Barbra Annino, The Mother Road
Zachary Ash, Napoleon in Rags
R. J. Astruc, The Wife Collector
Jeff Baker, Darwin’s God
Mark Bastable, Flick Book
Antonio Bellomi, An Incredible Christmas Story
Tantra Bensko, William Blick, The Quixotic Slumber of Mr. Jensen
B J Bourg, Death Notice
Bill Bowler, Robo-Bug
Bob Brill, Autumn Canter, Sarah Bringing Rain
Chris Castle, The Escapist
Marie Chapman, Mars Is a Water Planet
Ian Cordingley, Dorothy Crossan, Still Life
Gary W. Crawford, Gangrene
Shae Davidson, By the Lake: the Trees, Singing
Alan Delaney, Stricken
Rudy Eiland, The Shirt
Bertil Falk,
Kenneth C. Goldman, A Pet Shop Parable
Kevin Grover, The Sentinel v. 1.0
Kenneth E. Herritt, A Higher Purpose
Doug Hiser, The Carnival of the Goat Man
Shayne Holzman, Color My Face
Gary Inbinder, Mark Koerner, A Fresh Start
Dwight O. Krauss, Sarah-Jane Lehoux, Socks and Brains
D. A. Madigan, Lynn Mann, The Assassin
Brin Manoogian-O’Dell, Surmel’s Litany
R. Scott McCoy, The Horse Cusser
Kevin McFarlane, Hounded by Heritage
Stephen J. McKenzie, The Green Woman of Kittlerumpit
Marina J. Neary, Scarlet Mantle Goes to Goodwill
Lorraine Nevin, The Water Carriers
Rachel V. Olivier, Scary Things
Sue Parman, Ayesh Pervez, Sanjeeda
Byron Petrakis, The Arrows of Apollo
Diana Pollin, Rochelle Potkar, The Guest
Catfish Russ, H. E. Sappenfield, Tryst
Stephanie Scarborough, Seaside Sideshow
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, I Lawn for Better Days
Nicola Somerscales, The Auctioneer’s Prize
Robert N. Stephenson, Yellow Dresses
Graham Storrs, Skyball
E. S. Strout, Time Share
Jonathan M. Sweet, Scarred Deep
Robert S. Tyler, Skin Deep
V. Ulea, Bluebeard
Tom Underhill, John Vieczorek, Sarah Ann Watts, Duncan Grave in The Sun and Moon
Erik Weiss, Student Learning
Kyle White, The Hand That Feeds You
Lewayne L. White, Family Farm
Yuvi Zalkow, Men Are From Mars, JoLans Are From Uranus

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