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Space... entities in space — entities who live there, work there, spy on Earth from “out there.” That’s what I write about — aliens. In fact, I write for and about aliens. Some folks even say what I write is by an alien — me. So, a long time ago, I adopted the slogan, “I write by, for and about aliens” when answering anybody who asks me what I do.

I like to stretch the possibilities. I like to ask, what’s beyond the limits of our perceptions of reality. So I write about stretching possibilities. My short stories are, basically, small incursions into my warped mind — snapshots of images inside it. My books? What I do is make universes populated with myriad species, each one different, each one unique. But each has one commonality with us and with each other — emotion. Everyone experiences emotion. That, to me, is the defining expression of being.

Since I love stories about aliens, about fire fights between space combat pilots, about good guys defeating bad guys (bad guys being those who are cruel, greedy lecherous maggots who the cosmos would be better without), that’s what I love to write about.  I have, among my many novels and series of novels, four magnum opuses, my master works. They are: A Gathering of Rebels, which is the prequel to “the rest of the story” called Seeming Eidolon, a three-book series.

So far, though, finding an agent who wants to represent these magnificent space adventures has been an exercise in futility. Nobody, it seems (Hah!) wants to read and experience “space fiction.” In other words, nobody much likes stories like: Star Wars, FireFly, Battlestar Galactica, Dune, Star Trek. …Except maybe me… and a few million others like me.

Oh, well. Someday when I die, maybe somebody will find the manuscripts worthy of attention and publish them so somebody will finally get to enjoy the adventures of the Ben-Drom and his rebel crews. Until then, I just keep sending out my queries, a few here, a few there. And writing short stories, like:

Want to know more?  Meet me "in alien" at, and you're welcome to post on my blog, too.

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