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Alfredo Álamo, born in Valencia, Spain in 1975, has published on several web sites such as Axxon, Tau Zero, Qliphoth, Ma-Ycro, Science Fiction and Alfa Eridiani as well as in print magazines such as Fobos, Revista 800, Artifex, and Parnaso.

His stories have also been selected for the anthologies Visiones 2004 and 2005, Fabricantes de Sueños 2005 (a selection of the Spanish Association of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror of the best stories published in the year), all of which are considered prestigious selections in Spain.

In Argentina his work has recently appeared in Mañanas de Sombras, an anthology of the latest Spanish authors. He is also involved in the comic strip “La legion del espacio” at Ciencia-Ficción and maintains a literary blog.

Alfredo is also devoted to poetry. He began writing poems as a child and has continued since. In fact, he was a finalist in the 2003 contest of “Ciencia Infusa” with Alfredus Eléctrico and received the Ignotus prize for 2004 for his “Apocalipsis Relativo.” He is fond of basketball, aikido and Irish beer, although the latter is barely compatible with the first two.

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