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Nikki Alfar can barely sustain coherent thought-much less write-without nicotine. Despite this handicap, she has somehow managed to earn three Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, a Manila Critics’ Circle National Book Award, a Bewildering Stories Mariner Award, and selection as one of twelve ’Filipina writers of note’ by the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings.

She’s a proud founding member of the LitCritters writing and literary discussion group, has been a judge for the Philippines Free Press literary awards, and, for many years, co-edited the groundbreaking, critically-acclaimed annual anthology series Philippine Speculative Fiction.

Her first short story collection Now, Then, and Elsewhen is slated for print in 2012. Otherwise, her fiction has been published nationally and internationally, online and in print, including the magazines Fantasy, Bewildering Stories, and Our Own Voice; the anthologies A Time for Dragons, Night Monkeys, Ruin and Resolve, Sawi, Tales of Fantasy & Enchantment, and The Farthest Shore; as well as the podcast sites Pakinggan Pilipinas and, soon, Drabblecast.

Her short story “Bearing Fruit” was named one of the world’s best short speculative fiction pieces of the year in Lois Tilton’s 2010 roundup for Locus magazine.

for all this and more, she thanks her husband and fellow writer Dean, their daughters Rowan and Sage, and the good people at the Marlboro company.

Copyright © 2010, 2011 by Nikki Alfar

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