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Hillary G. Anderson

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Hillary G. Anderson was born in Napa, California, and raised in the heart of wine country. As a young child, she was introduced to Beatrix Potter stories and fell in love with the written word and the pretty pictures. After a brief period of Peter Rabbit plagiarism, she spent much of her childhood dreaming up her own stories while rock hunting and playing with her four siblings and various pets.

She devoured Madeleine L’Engle’s books and several classics over the years. Experimentation with poetry during her teens and early 20s led to the development of a somewhat lyrical style of prose which has become a bit of a personal trademark.

She studied creative writing and editing in college and graduated from Brigham Young University — Provo with a BA in English. She now spends her days in Colorado Springs with family and various pets and writes whenever she can.

Sadly, she has retired from rock hunting, but regularly enjoys other activities including reading most anything she can get her hands on, singing, nature photography, and making jewelry.

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