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My name is Brad Andrews and for the past ten years I have been trying my hand at short science fiction stories. For a good portion of that time I worked on fan fiction type stories based in the Star Trek universe. Until I picked up a copy of Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space. It made quite an impact, and from then on my writing changed over from fan fiction to my own “universe.” I suppose it most closely matches the cyber-punk genre.

My usual setting is in the “Eventuality” universe, and I have completed well over thirty stories set there. My writing, so far, has only been shown in online forums. The now defunct website, and currently Creative have been the kindest to me, until Bewildering Stories. I also have a good stack of rejection letters from sci-fi magazines such as Asimov’s. However I can only see that as a positive... I just have to work harder, and this is why I appreciate websites such as this so much.

My current reading list includes Richard K. Morgan, Neal Asher (highly recommend Gridlinked as a place to start with Asher) Charles Stross, M. John Harrison — his novel Light cannot be beat —and of course Alastair Reynolds, who for my time and effort is the best science fiction writer working.

As always I welcome comments and just general Hellos! You can reach me at

Copyright © 2006 by Brad Andrews

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