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M. P. Arizona

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M. P. Arizona was born in Biloxi, Mississippi and raised as a dependent in the Air Force until marrying and settling in North Carolina. As a military brat she enjoyed living in several states including Alaska while it was still a territory and Hawaii not long after it became a state.

Working in data processing during the early days when computers filled whole rooms, she considered her real career raising twin daughters. Not until they were of college age did she accomplish her degree in psychology, mid-life.

Writing songs and poetry in childhood was a creative outlet. Writing her senior thesis in fulfillment of undergraduate requirements led to a raised awareness of mental health treatment that has spanned two decades.

What began as academic inquiry regarding recovered memories has led her to an in-depth study of the mental health delivery system in the United States that labors to reconcile scientific advances, outdated mindsets, and a struggle for inadequate funding.

This first publication in Bewildering Stories stirs hope that further works will find acceptance among other writers.

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