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Lance Garrison Ballard

Bewildering Stories biography

Lance Garrison Ballard was born and raised in Hobbs, New Mexico, and upon graduating high school, moved to Dallas, Texas, to try and make a solid go of it in film as an up-and-coming actor; then to venture west to L.A. only to find out, once there, that words were what stoked the fire of inspiration and wasted no more time with anything at all related to acting and put every bit of energy once spent toward acting now to writing and made the move to Duncan, Oklahoma, where Lance’s parents’ relocated after retiring from the strain that comes with twenty years of teaching. And like his parents, Lance hasn’t left and is still living in Duncan, Oklahoma... only now shares his life with his beautiful wife, Emily, along with two healthy and at times devious sons, Tylor and Preston.

Lance has been published on-line in Prose Toad, Flesh From Ashes, Nuvein Magazine, and now with as much enthusiasm as the others mention — Bewildering Stories.

Literary influences include: Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein, Pound, and most any other Lost Generation writer, but should also mention, as to not forget and to pay respect... Steinbeck, Poe and Lovecraft, just to name a few.

Copyright © 2005 by Lance Garrison Ballard

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Val and the White Shark (in 2 parts)

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