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Julie Balloo

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My name is Julie Balloo and I trained as a dancer / actress and when those fanciful careers didn’t pan out I took to the boards as a stand-up comic. I’ve written plays and scripts for radio and theatre that have been broadcast on both radio and television.

Recently I’ve discovered a passion for fiction, in the past I wasn’t confident enough to write but now I try and write every day. I’ve completed two novels, one is absolute rubbish and the other is being read by two publishers at the moment.

Over the years I’ve had loads of jobs all of which I hope contribute to story telling. I’ve been a fitness instructor, a waitress, a barmaid, office work, sales assistant and have taught comedy writing classes. I’ve spent the past 13 years bringing up my children and juggling my ambitions with the reality of being a mum.

I live in Hackney, in London and spend every day looking beyond discarded condoms and dog shit in the hope of finding orchids.

Copyright © 2006 by Julie Balloo

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