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I, Uddalak Banerjee am currently persuing my BTech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from one of the elite colleges of India, the National Institute of technology, Raipur. I have published my works so far in my three blogs:

I write whenever I get time and try to reflect on the lives of my friends, associates and their lives. All my writings are mostly based on real-life characters who had influenced me in some manner by their unique lifestyle and mannerisms. I started writing stories while studying in school in the class xth standard with a poem on my school class teacher, and “Realm of UBJ" and then went on to write stories like ‘Blackrose,” “Dongarhgar” a simple story, “13 Glassglowstreet,” “Southern Avenue,” “UBJ’s Last Bloom,” “UBJ’s Ruby Cube,” “Putsch 2070,” “Delhi 4,” “Musigma Fiasco,” “Kolkata Patna Janshatabdi Express,” “Rina” — a 12-year old girl’s story, “The Story Of Alice,” “Passing Over of UBJ,” “UBJ On Ej,” “Gurgaon Me Dhamaal,” “To Nitrr With Love,” “Nit Jamshedpur,” etc.

With regard to the current crisis of global warming and to create awareness among the masses I have written a poem titled "Global Warming," which has also recieved immense appreciation from

and succeded in securing a top-20 rank among thousands of worldwide entries in both the categories nominated, in

Apart from "The Pantomime," I have tried my best to deal with stories of different tastes such as murder mysteries, romance, thrillers, travel accounts, etc.. and I love to keep it original, bold yet beautiful and short.

My best work: "The Last Supper" which I would write the day before I die.

Copyright © 2010 by Uddalak Banerjee

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