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Phil Barnes

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Phil Barnes is a poet and fiction writer who resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has previously published pieces in Kind of a Hurricane press, and is set to have a piece in the upcoming spring issue of Stone Path press. She has organized and hosted several events including Shenanigans and Such (St. Paul Art Crawl 2012), Chronicles from the Wall (a First Friday event) and Terminally Hip open Mic (a weekly open mic).

While she doesn’t generally enjoy poetry, she is an avid reader. Her inspiration comes from a mixture of visual artists like Leonard Baskin & Barry Moser, libations from Jack Daniels & Summit Brewing Company respectively, writers like Poe and Coleridge (which might explain the darkness in so much of her work) and an extended history of tumultuous love affairs.

In between bouts of putting pen to paper, she travels, does volunteer English tutoring and screens obscure Indie cinema at home with her musician boyfriend and their fish Mayhem.

Keep an eye open for her upcoming coffee table book of photography and short stories.

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