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Writing is my favorite thing to do. Reading is second, I read everything I can get my hands on and learn from other writers all that I can. I enjoy forums, getting to know writers and their goals and plans.

For the time being, since none of us knows what tomorrow really may bring, I am a full time writer. I write between four to eight hours a day, and sometimes into the night. With short stories and flash, I sit here until I get it done and then in the morning fix it up.

I enjoy contests, and write for as many as I can, because not only are they all published, they are a way to try different things, different writing styles.

I write fantasy, science fiction, poetry, historical fiction, non-fiction and recently Haiku. I have a column called The Fountain Pen at Ragged Edge Publishing, an ezine and have four works in their Anthology, Vault IX - Alpha Anthology.

I recently learned that my high school teachers kept a lot of my writing, and that their children have them now. It is an honor to have people read what I write, and I enjoy very much being published.

I have written two books, one is non-fiction, and the other is a book of sermons.

I have moved around a lot, and have been through every hurricane on the east coast for the last ten years in North Carolina, and after being flooded twice, have moved and now live in Jasper Georgia.

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