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Dan Belanger

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Dan Belanger has published fiction in Ginosko Literary Journal, Tigershark, Mysterical-E, Obra/Artifact, Dark Matter, Home Planet News, Art Times, The Milo Review, Mobius, Bellowing Ark, City Primeval, Lynx Eye, and RE;AL, The Journal of Liberal Arts. He has published poems in The Joycean Lively Arts Guild Review, The Moody Street Irregulars and The Little Apple, which he formerly co-edited.

He received a Jacob Goldfein Award for Outstanding Scholarly and Creative Work for a paper entitled “Aspects of Spirituality, Religiosity and Existentialism in Seniors Facing Death.” He has a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from Clark University and a Master's Degrees in Social Work from Hunter College.

He currently manages a quality of care program aimed at improving healthcare for people living with HIV in all regions of New York State. He lives with his wife, Lori, in Peekskill, New York.

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