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David Siegel Bernstein

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David Siegel Bernstein, Ph.D., lives within the shadow of Philadelphia. To support his writing addiction, and excessively extravagant lifestyle, he consults as a forensic statistician. He has been published in numerous print and online magazines—including the "Best of 2006" in Apollo's Lyre and the 10th Anniversary Issue of AntipodeanSF.

Examples of his writing can be found in AlienSkin Magazine, Afterburn SF, Defenestration, Ray Gun Revival, Mysterical-E, Aoifie's Kiss, Orchard Press Mysteries, The Rose & Thorn, Midnight Times, Reflections Literary Journal, Liquid Ohio, Down in the Dirt, Aphelion, MindFlights, Wanderings, Enigma, Outer Darkness, Black Petals, Kaleidotrope, Static Movement Anotherealm and, of course, Bewildering Stories.

His work has also appeared the anthologies: we the Poets, Revealing All your Dirty Little Secrets and Templar and Other Stories of Suspense and Terror.

His non-literary projects include: Re-inventing the wheel, the Sisyphus relief project, referring to himself in the third person (as THE David, lest fools confuse him with the other one).

Copyright © 2008 by David Siegel Bernstein

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