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Michelle Bobier

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Michelle Bobier is a career English major who, after a long and tedious academic journey, earned a doctorate at Northwestern University.

While at Northwestern she compounded the already-considerable uselessness of her career path by deciding to abandon academics in order to pursue writing. (Her short stories, essays, memoirs, and assorted oddities have appeared in The American Scholar, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The North American Review, Bellowing Ark, GreenPrints, and elsewhere; her first novel is making the rounds of publishers in New York.)

When not writing, she can often be found reading (frequently indulging a persistent PG Wodehouse mania), gardening, singing in her church’s gospel choir, playing acoustic guitar, fiddling with her collection of fountain pens, or fantasizing about her next trip to the Pacific Northwest.

She and her software-engineer husband, Gary Bledsoe, live in the West Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. They have no children, but their lives are so disrupted by their three tyrannical cats that they scarcely notice.

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