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BJ Bourg has over fifteen years of law enforcement experience in a variety of fields. His career began in 1990, when he joined his local sheriff’s office at the age of nineteen. Upon graduating from the police academy with high academic and shooting scores, as well as achieving the Physical Fitness Award, he was assigned to the patrol division. He worked the night shift, where he grew quickly as a patrol cop, and soon became a field training officer.

In February of 1993, after a successful stint as a patrol cop, he was promoted to the criminal investigations division. He spent the next ten and a half years working as a detective. During this time, he conducted over a thousand felony investigations and received extensive training in a wide spectrum of investigative-related topics. He was promoted to detective sergeant and served as a training officer for newly promoted detectives.

In August of 2003, he transferred to his department’s police academy, where he worked as a full-time instructor. He taught investigative-related subjects, report writing, interview and interrogation, courtroom testimony, defensive tactics, firearms, and various other subjects to new police recruits.

In addition to his regular law enforcement duties, BJ Bourg has served on many specialty units, including the SWAT team, sniper team, explosives search team, and honor guard. His SWAT experience began immediately upon graduating from the police academy.

In 1996, he took the initiative to become the first certified sniper in his department. Within two years, he supervised a six-member unit. He implemented an arduous training program and trained the team on a biweekly basis. He was the guest sniper instructor for the 2001 LTPOA Conference, where he introduced his rigorous and practical training methods to snipers from many agencies throughout the state.

In July of 2004, he reached the pinnacle of his law enforcement career when he became the chief investigator for his local district attorney’s office. He continues to teach at the local police academy as a guest instructor and he serves as an advisor to his former sniper team.

As a writer, BJ Bourg has had over thirty-five short stories accepted for publication in over fifteen different venues, including Writer’s Post Journal, Mysterical-E, FMAM, Crime and Suspense, and Apollo’s Lyre.

His book of short stories entitled Absent the Soul has been published by ePress-Online and is available at His short story “A Father’s Consolation” appears in the anthology Stories of Strength, a hurricane relief effort to benefit victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as well as other disasters. Stories of Strength is also available at

He is also one of seven contributing authors to Seven by Seven, an anthology of “Seven deadly tales, of the seven deadly sins, by seven deadly authors.” Edited by Tony Burton, it will be available in April 2006.

In addition to his job and writing, BJ Bourg enjoys boxing, martial arts, and shooting. The 35-year-old Louisiana native has received many awards and commendations throughout his career, but his greatest achievements to date have been the marriage to his wonderful wife and the birth of his two children. For more about BJ Bourg, visit his website.

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