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Jack Bragen

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As a teenager, I read a lot and lacked social skills. At that time and in my twenties, I made some pitiful attempts at becoming a published author.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1982 but was determined that this diagnosis would not ruin my life. In this vein, I had numerous work attempts for the next fifteen years, and some of them were successful. In my late twenties, I somewhat threw in the towel and began to live on public benefits.

Then came the computer age, and I asked my father for his old PC. Shortly after this, in my mid- to late thirties, I discovered I could write. By this time I was married to my wife, Joanna.

I had always wanted to be a writer because I can work at home, choose my own hours, and supervise myself. I started out writing articles for Street Spirit newspaper. Later, I started writing opinion pieces for Berkeley Daily Planet. I eventually did a column for the Daily Planet “On Mental Illness.” I am in my fourth or fifth year of writing that column.

Meanwhile, I was also writing fiction, some of which got into Illuminata, another e-zine. A lot of my fiction has also appeared in The Street Spirit. I believe that there is a future for me as a fiction author.

I have also been published in Ragged Edge Magazine, Citizen in America Magazine, Mindfulness Bell, Contra Costa Times, Beyond Chron, Magical Blend Online, and maybe a few others. Some of the publications I have written for no longer exist. And I also have a blog.

I have done some self-publishing of books, but this short-circuits having the benefit of an editor, and it doesn’t reach as many readers compared to conventional publishing.

I am now fifty, and I have gained a scrap of wisdom, social and otherwise. I live in Martinez, California with my wife, Joanna, and our dog, Sweetpea, and cat, Tigerlilly.

Copyright © 2012 by Jack Bragen

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