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J(ae)D Brames

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J(ae)D Brames has been living in your attic for almost a year, now, writing stories, eating mice, and shifting around at night, when the weather is cool — and here you thought it was just the house settling. He wishes you’d keep the TV volume down, it’s not like Judge Judy has anything that important to say. He’s also the one who accidentally broke your old pink-wheeled rollerskates — remember, from when you were a kid and coasting downhill on ball-bearing boots felt like flying? Yeah, they’re broken. He’s always breaking things. But, he figures, that’s the price you gotta pay if you’re gonna worship Dervisha, goddess of spinning round-n-around in front of wall-hung cabinets. Nothing’s perfect.

Copyright © 2008 by J(ae)D Brames

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