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Christopher Brooks, born 6/5/87, is a student of Chemistry at Edinburgh University in Scotland. He likes nothing better than picking at the mysteries of the universe from his seat in the laboratory, surrounded by old textbooks and bubbling chemicals.

Primarily, he writes with a view to talk about science. However, he realised, to his chagrin, that people don’t want to read a page of unconnected science! Shocked yet sobered by this revelation, he goes through his drafts, carefully extracting and adding bits and pieces to his work, and it is only at this stage that he give the story a plot, or a moral, or an actual narrative.

Then, with his story made to conform to some semblance of order, he will read it, make notes all over it, and probably throw it away. Then he’ll start again, writing about science. And so the cycle repeats.

Eventually, and after many drafts, he will have produced a story that he actually likes. And these stories are the ones that emerge, scrubbed and polished, for your delectation.

Copyright © 2005 by Christopher Brooks

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