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J. Alan Brown has been writing for four years and has published several stories and essays on the web and in print. His work has been seen in EOTU E-Zine (a now-defunct site that shrouded itself in a bit of mystery; the general consensus was that EOTU stood for “Each Obituary Taunts Us.”) Peridot Books and Byline Magazine among others.

He has written two novels. The first novel is not worth mentioning except that it was a successful result of NaNoWriMo. The second one is a young reader’s novel titled Tommy Holland’s Vision, about a fourth-grade boy who announces he no longer believes in God. His family is shocked, his friends are disgusted; nevertheless, Tommy refuses to give in to the pressure to conform. But on a class field trip gone horribly wrong, Tommy finds himself lost in the woods, alone and nearly blind. He quickly realizes that if he is going to survive, he will have to muster all his resources, and perhaps believe in the unbelievable...

Tommy Holland’s Vision is available for sale.

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