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Q. What is your name?

A. That's an easy one. It is Kelvin Bueckert.

Q. Where do you live?

A. I live in a wonderworld of my own imagination. When I go out to mingle in reality with the rest of the human race, I live in the province of Manitoba located in that wonderfully northern country of Canada.

Q. Do you do anything besides write?

A. Yes, as a matter of fact I do. Sometimes I force myself anyway from writing and the joy of facing yet another rejection slip to do other things. Tiresome things, too tiresome to talk about here. One somewhat intresting thing is the fact that I enjoy creating weird and offbeat electronic music and releasing it on under the name Vivid:blue. Bizzare comedy/weird I release on under the name The Farmboys. Fascinating? I thought so.

Q. What are some other publications where you have appeared or are slated to appear? I only ask this so that a fan hopelessly in love with your work may hunt it down and read it to satisfy their fanatical desires.

A. Of course, I understand perfectly the state of fanatical desire. Other places my work has appeared or is supposed to appear in the future is:, The Fifth Dimension, The Martian Wave, Aphelion, Lyrica Webzine of Romantic Fiction, (this site now closed), Farsight magazine, writeronline (I think this is the correct name), nakedsnakeonline, Bewildering Stories (naturally) and last but not least the Manitoba Cooperator. Hopefully this list grows as time goes on.

Q. Well it's been fun talking to you.Now is there any last words?

A. It's been fun talking to you also. Strange, but it's almost like talking to myself. Last words would be, hmmm. I hope you like my work. If you don't, I'm real sorry. Really. Also I've got a novel I'd like to sell, so if you know of someone looking for punishment and with a publishing company, send them my way. Maybe I'll put your name in the acknowledgements.

Copyright © 2005 by Kelvin Bueckert

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