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Leslie Burton-López

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Leslie Burton-López is your typical angsty, tortured soul, whose only escapes are the words her fists pound out on the keyboard and curses thrown at the demons driving her on this mortal coil.

Just kidding. She is just a normal, boring nerd-pie who loves contact sports and Reddit. Most of what she writes does not involve demons, as such, but some of it is semi-autobiographical, semi-funny and only semi-good.

A recent transplant from California to Connecticut, Leslie's literary career is as dry as the state she hails from. During her college days, she was an editor for Watershed, a collection of short stories and poems, with a total readership base of about eight people. After graduating, she co-authored the Spanish textbook ¡Chevere! which enjoyed the spotlight at a several universities for a few years. Then she started a marketing company, Every Page Marketing, which focuses on scintillatingly dull and horrifyingly banal writing for business proposals, grants and other must-read works. And she actually enjoys it (see earlier reference to “nerd-pie”).

Leslie has lived in three different countries, three different states — and if her Amazon shipping list is any indication — at about thirty different homes. She gets around! While she sojourns in Connecticut, she plans to build a tiny house so she can further her wanderings.

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