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Kirsten Campbell

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Kirsten Campbell is a fiction writer and poet that has been published in Ascent Magazine, Beauty Talk, The Fairfield Review, The Pittsburgh Quarterly Online, Sagazine, COBRA and several other magazines. Her short story “Dark Matters” is dedicated to her son David, for all the times he ran through the house as a “super soldier.”

Her favorite authors are Timothy Zahn, Frank Herbert, Robert Silverberg, Arthur C. Clarke, Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyers and the list goes on and on. Her poetry has been published in several journals and her poetry chapbook, “The Abandoning Kind,” was published by Pudding House Publications in 2009.

Kirsten is also an accomplished sculptress and she lives in Westchester County, New York. If you like “Dark Matters,” email her at kirsten.campbell1 at

Copyright © 2010 by Kirsten Campbell

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