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Brian Capaloff

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My wife, 3 boys and I currently live in Scotland, having arrived here via an 18-month stop in Auckland, New Zealand, before which we lived in various parts of England. Since completing my degree I have been employed by a number of councils within the UK, concentrating on homelessness work since 1990. This has given me the opportunity of meeting a lot of lovely people, ranging from murderers, rapists, paedophiles, wife-beaters etc. Still, it helps the day go around!

Up until a year ago I had never written short stories, but wrote a couple to be entered in competitions. I was particularly pleased with them but the judges decided to make the wrong decisions and not short-list me. We all make mistakes! I suppose if more people like what I have written I might do a bit more!

My favourite authors are Salman Rushdie and Kazuo Ishiguro, but I don’t think I can aspire to their levels; and my interests include cooking and photography.

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