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Eric Caulfield

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I’m a 22-year old English major with a minor in Computer Networking. I’m temporarily living in Leiden, Netherlands, and will soon be back at my more permanent residence in Pennsylvania.

I’ve embraced the craft of writing as a life-long endeavor, although I’m new, and have only begun sending my work out to publications; I believe this is the beginning of something quite phenomenal. My writing began as isms, but over the years has included poetry, and recently short stories.

My fiction looks to express a different perspective to the reader and to deliver a lesson through my own altered perception and unique observations of the world around me. I tend to gravitate towards ideas of different realities, to strange entities, exploration of consciousness, and powerful truths that can be found in the most unexpected places.

I don’t have a professional website at the moment; by I can be reached at my Facebook account.

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