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Michael A. Chaney

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Michael A. Chaney is a scholar, writer, and artist whose passions include African American literature, comics and graphic novels, walking his dog, Vegas (a supermodel from the 1980s trapped inside a Husky-Shepherd-Whippet mix) and gardening — although I’m not any good at “pulling up” anything. It’s the growing out or the growing up of things that interests me and I don’t care a Canadian thistle if the world calls the thing that grows a weed or not. The world has a way of giving false names to things it doesn’t understand. I don’t understand Calculus, which is why I call it Shmalculus. I think Shmalculus is a weed. If Shmalculus grew in my flowerbed, I’d pull that sucker up. See I’m fickle too. Find out for yourself at and don’t forget to check out my latest (serious) book on autobiographical graphic novels Reading Lessons in Seeing: Mirrors, Masks, and Mazes in the Autobiographical Graphic Novel

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