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I am a water engineer living in Moberly, Missouri with my wife of thirty years and our two companion animals, Carla and Cali. Our five children and nine grandchildren are spread throughout the Rockies and Midwest, leaving us hard-pressed for time to keep up with birthday and holiday visits while still earning a living.

While I can’t claim to be a science fiction writer, much of my fiction is filled with characters and settings that extend reality just beyond the realm of the currently possible. If I can get my readers to suspend disbelief long enough to empathize with my characters, the possibility also exists that they might also be able to superimpose my solutions to their own reality, thus bridging the gaps between what is and what could be.

My writing accomplishments, while not a gaudy list of commercial or print publication successes, have found their way to many on-line sites, most of which have found their place in publisher’s heaven. I’ve been characterized as everything from ‘obtuse’ to ‘edgy’ to ‘Brautiganesque’ (which, I must admit, pleases me greatly). Frankly, I write because it is a major part of me... and if someone else likes it, so much the better.

Copyright © 2006 by Bob Church

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