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Dario Ciriello

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Dario Ciriello works as a decorative painter by day to support his science fiction writing habit. He is a graduate of Clarion West, and can occasionally be seen at science fiction conventions, where he likes to wear ironed shirts and work out in the hotel gym. He is an aesthete, and wants a world free of television, sport and arachnids.

Dario Ciriello is a graduate of the Clarion West class of 2002. Recent publications include an interview with Dr. Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute in the June 2004 issue of the Internet Review of Science Fiction, and a story in the March 2005 issue of Quantum Muse. He also has a story appearing in the first issue of the new print magazine Shimmer (upcoming in October).

Dario maintains a website where he will be pleased to welcome visitors with hors d'ouevres and a well-chilled Martini.

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