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Gary Clifton

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I’m a native of St. Joseph, Missouri and spent forty years as a Federal officer. I was assigned to Secret Service protection details with every President and Vice-President from LBJ to George H. W. Bush (“#41”), plus many other candidates. I’ve been shot at, shot, stabbed, sued and often misunderstood.

I’ve published a novel in national paperback, Burn Sugar Burn (publishers’ title) and have short fiction pieces published or pending on Writer’s Type, Spinetingler, Broadkill Review, Yellow Mama, Shotgun Honey, Boston Literary Review, 50 Word Stories, Black Heart Mag, Disenthralled, Fiction on the Web, Spasm Valley, Bewildering Stories, and Linguistic Erosion. I currently live on a dusty ranch in north Texas waiting to see what happens next.

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Copyright © 2012 by Gary Clifton

Bewildering Stories bibliography

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BwS bibliography
flash fiction longer prose
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811  Harbor City Blues

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