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Ed Coet

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Ed Coet is a retired U.S. Army officer and professional educator. Currently the editor of the Blue Fog Journal, Ed Coet is also a widely published freelance writer and poet. Ed’s short stories and poems have been published in over thirty magazines and journals world wide.

Ed’s anthology credits include Namaste Fiji; The International Anthology of Poetry; the Breaking Silences poetry book collection, the 2007 Scars Poetry Collection; We The Poets; A Hudson View; Poetry Digest, winter 2008 International Collection; and South African Poets Printerys, Tonight, An Anthology of World Love Poetry.

Ed Coet’s newly released book Poet Coet is now available at major on-line book outlets such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Preview Poet Coet at Lulu. Visit with Ed Coet at “The Coet Blog.”

Editor’s note: Mr. Coet’s latest e-mail address of record is:

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