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Cat is a kiwi author who lives in Upper Hutt, New Zealand (slightly north of Wellington), with her husband and children. In the last few years her short stories have appeared in ThrillerUK, Mystericale, Bewildering Stories, T-zero, The Writers Post Journal and Conceit Magazine.

The idea for her first Conway novel, Killerbyte, came about after Cat received a string of death threats while co-running a poetry chat room, back in the days of MSN chat. The thought that people could get so nasty online fascinated her, and it still does.

Killerbyte has enjoyed more time in the Mobipocket top ten than out of it over the last year, much to Cat’s delight. Her second novel, in the Ellie Conway series, Terrorbyte was released in Nov 2009. The third, Exacabyte, will be out late this year. Cat is currently writing the 4th book, Exhibyte.

You can meet Cat’s main character, Ellie Conway, on Myspace and Twitter. Cat is active on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. There are also a selection of Ellie Conway short stories available for free download in PDF form, from her blog or website.


Cat Connor’s short stories have been published extensively in various U.K. and U.S.A. print and ezines. Cat is a member of, (an online writers group), and several other writing organizations. Cat is very active on MySpace, some would say, addicted.

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