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Jeff Crouch

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Jeff Crouch is an internet artist in Grand Prairie, Texas. He plays at art as though it were a game of hide and go seek. His graphic work has appeared in:

The Blue Smoke Band
Poems Niederngasse
eratio postmodern poetry
Ancient Heart Magazine
Speculative Fiction Centre
Quill and Ink
Stirring: A Literary Collection
Spoiled Ink
Lunatic Chameleon
Events Quarterly
Skive Magazine
Subtle Tea
Literary Vision Magazine (LitVision)
Prose Toad
Ink Pot
Generator Press (April 2006 Exhibit)
Monkey Kettle
Misanthropists Anonymous (with Molly Crouch)
Above Ground Testing (with Molly Crouch)
Dicey Brown
Unpleasant Event Schedule
The Dreaming Pool
Underground Window
63 Channels
The Lampshade
Cezanne’s Carrot Literary Journal
Bending Spoons
Unlikely Stories
The Aurora Review
Ascent Aspirations Magazine
Twisted Tongue
Mad Hatter’s Review
The Sidewalk’s End
DISPATCH Literary Review
Red Fez
Neon Highway
Sein und Werden
The Centrifugal Eye
PFS Post
The Chrysalis (with Molly Crouch and Ben Crouch and zafusy
with more forthcoming in Forklift Ohio)

Defenestration Magazine
Bewildering Stories
Southern Hum
Thieves Jargon
Tattoo Highway
Chick Flicks E-Zine

Here’s a short Graphic Artist Bio:

Jeff Crouch is an internet artist in Grand Prairie, Texas. His graphic work has appeared on numerous sites.

Here’s a lyrical bio:

In the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex of Texas.
Culture as history, politics, and art, the conjunction thereof.
Time as Moebius strip.
Splicing poetry into it.

Here’s an other-than-artist bio:

Jeff Crouch works on computers by day, occasionally takes his wife’s digital camera with him to catch a frame full of pixels, and plays on the computer by night.

Copyright © 2006 by Jeff Crouch

Bewildering Stories bibliography

Convenience Store Mirage
Dallas in Red Brick
Temple of the Cloud
Achab’s Moon Landing
Enoch Ascends

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