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Ron J. Cruz currently breathes and pens fiction in a hovel located in one of the seedier parts of Sacramento, California. He currently teaches composition at a community college, although there are few vocations he hasn’t attempted in the past; after a tour in the Navy, a run through the police academy, years managing establishments ranging from athletic clubs to laser tag arenas, a stint processing monetary transactions for a large mutual fund company, and an abysmal time selling real estate after the market failed – he finally remembered his love for words.

He has written for The Santa Maria Times and Sacramento Today, and has taught composition classes at California State University, Sacramento, Sierra College, and currently teaches at Folsom Lake College. He won the 2009 Bazanella award for graduate short fiction and has had stories published in Sanitarium, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, Not One of Us, The Magpie, Sacramento Today, and Calaveras Station.

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