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Andreea Daia

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Ever since I remember, I’ve immersed myself in one or another form of art, from writing to music, painting, sculpture, photography, and graphic design. Even now, when the hectic schedule of everyday life challenges my passion for art, I never miss an opportunity to participate in a writing competition or to attend a creative class.

Over the past years, I’ve brought into the mix a new set of skills: my formal business training and market analysis experience. In this capacity, I’ve been involved in various projects that combine writing with visual arts.

Aside from storytelling, I maintain a blog about the economic aspects of the publishing industry, while working as a developer for business and statistical applications.

My short fiction has appeared in 365 Tomorrows, Short Fiction Break, and Literally Stories and won an honorable mention at L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. In 2016, I published my first novel, &Black00, a techno-thriller about a woman who enlists herself as test subject in a lethal research in order to raise the ransom for her brother.

In “The Price of Remembering” I explore the nature of time and the reasons some people have episodes of déjà vu. The story asks the readers to consider the emotional cost of knowing the future and challenges them to decide if clairvoyants have the right to choose their own happiness over that of the collective.

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