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Marva Dasef

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Marva Dasef is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Having wasted huge amounts of her life working in the software industry, she’s finally getting a chance to settle in and write fiction for the fun of it. Hopefully, the hobby might also become profitable some day.

She’s far too along in years to bother with her academic credentials, but note that she attended Bedrock U. the same year as Fred Flintstone. Her first writings may still be preserved in a cave somewhere.

In the intervening years, she made vast sums of money tech writing. Go ahead and check her out on Amazon. You can still buy an “almost new” copy of her book for only $1.95.

Marva has a variety of stories in both on-line and print journals. For a complete list of her published stories, please visit her website

Copyright © 2006 by Marva Dasef

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