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Melissa DeAmaral

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I’m a 2019 BFA graduate from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Lately, I’ve been developing scripts and concept art for ideas that I’m aiming to develop into graphic novels.

In between work, I write poems once in a while. I’ve never taken a poetry or creative writing class specifically, for one reason or another. But like with musicians and artists I enjoy, there’s a certain sort of prose and poetic language that I’m drawn to. Even when it comes to dialogue in comics or movies, I can be moved by strong expressions of character, environment, and emotion.

I’m pretty certain that I’m a poetry hobbyist. Not much pressure, no expectations. A poem here, a poem there. I write a few, reject a couple, combine a couple, divide one, add a line at the end. Try to give it a rhythm, take out a word, add in a rhyme or remove it. It’s quite different from how I illustrate, in terms of both mood and process. To say it as a true hobbyist: it’s nice.

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