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Amanda K. DeBord

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Amanda DeBord is a horror writer residing in Kentucky. She’s been interested in “the scaries” since she was a child and she’d beg her parents to hide in the house and jump out and scare her. Her goal as a writer is now to pass the scaries on to her readers.

She grew up in rural Illinois, a setting that has crept into nearly all of her fiction. Amanda, dangerously, sees very little to fear in a big city but can still be scared to paralysis by a shadowy cornfield.

Amanda is a copy editor for Wicked Karnival magazine. You can see an early example of her fiction, “In the Eye of a Child” in issue #13 of Crimson under her maiden name, Amanda Knight.

“If You Keep Picking at It, It Will Never Heal,” is, at least at the beginning, based on her real life habit of chewing on herself. You can decide for yourself where it turns into fiction.

Copyright © 2006 by Amanda K. DeBord

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