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Nilanjan Dev

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I am a Bioinformatics/IT consultant, currently based in Scotland. I spent my youth in England and much of my adult life in India. I wrote about my travels in both countries in a few brief travelogues. During my time in India I also wrote many music and book reviews, conducted interviews with musicians and wrote technical papers.

However, it was only after coming back to the UK that I began writing short stories in earnest. After a bout of work shopping on the web, I felt I was ready to put some fiction out on the web. “Truth?” is my first story, but I am working on another three at the moment.

Most of my stories are plot driven, but have a bit of my own opinions thrown in for good measure at some point of the other. I like a good twist, which is what I have tried to incorporate into “Truth?”, though not all of the stories I am working on necessarily have one.

I was weaned on Asimov, and Clarke, but later got into authors such as Greg Bear and Iain Banks. However, I am a voracious reader and enjoy books from almost any genre...

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