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Edward C. Doerr

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I am a recent graduate from New York University, where I studied English Education. I’m emerging onto the writing scene. A story of mine called “Fran’s Necklace” appeared in the first issue of a brand new San Francisco-based literary magazine called Cosmopsis Quarterly. The magazine is available in a few bookstores in the Bay Area, in addition to widespread internet availability.

A horror story of mine called “Clean Break” appeared in the anthology Tabloid Purposes IV: Something Wicked This Way Comes. Recently, “Subway” appeared in Issue 262 of Bewildering Stories, and I’m pleased that my poem “Imprint” will appear here at Bewildering Stories as well. Elsewhere, I’m working on a currently untitled young adult novel, as well as a plethora of short stories.

I enjoy dedicating my stories to people. “Subway” was for Grams, who always pushes me to find the light burning in the darkness. “Imprint” is for my mother, Lynda, with love for her encouragement and support always.

Copyright © 2007 by Edward C. Doerr

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