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Elliot Richard Dorfman taught in the New York City school system for more than three decades, as well as giving private vocal and piano lessons. He founded Suma Play Productions, Inc., and was artistic director of the American Youth Repertory Company, Off Broadway.

After retiring, he moved with his family from the borough of Brooklyn to Johnstown, New York. Among his successful former students are American tenor, Daniel Rodriguez, and character actress, Kelly Wolf.

Mr. Dorfman, a former member of the NY Dramatist Guild and Associated Music Teachers League, has appeared in and written for radio and television. His plays (dramas and musicals) have been presented on the professional stage, schools and centers.

Forty-eight short stories have recently been published in the following magazines: Delivered, Twisted Dreams, Bewildering Stories, Golden Visions, Static Movement, NVH, The Tiny Globule, Perpetual, Black Petals, Blood Moon Rising, Demonic Tome, Short Story Library, Coffee Cramp eZine. Poems have appeared in Falling Star, Orange Room Review, Debris,, M-Brane Sicence Fiction, and Golden Visions.

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