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Roy Dorman

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I’m retired from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Benefits Office, and live with my wife in Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve always been a reader of fiction of all genres, but weird and unsettling stories are my favorites.

A few years after my retirement, encouraged by an old high-school friend who is a retired English teacher, I became a voracious writer. As with my reading preferences, I most enjoy cranking out disturbing stories. It does not bother me a bit to kill off the “good guy.”

My work has appeared or is scheduled to appear in Black Petals, Bewildering Stories, Yellow Mama, Theme of Absence, Near To the Knuckle, One Sentence Poems, Shotgun Honey, Cease Cows, Birds Piled Loosely, Spelk, Twisted Sister, and a number of other online and print journals.

I am currently the submissions editor at Yahara Prairie Lights, which gives me the opportunity of occasionally accepting my own work.

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Bewildering Stories bibliography

BwS bibliography
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A Half-Pitcher of House Red
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Up Out of the Swamp
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