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This is a pseudonym; all names have been changed because I wanted to. I live in the north central mountains of the State of Washington, an area known as the Okanogan Highlands. As isolated as it is, there’s not much to do but read and write.

As I made it through most of the contents of the local library system with fair rapidity, someone suggested that I write them, rather than read them, so here we are today. I haven’t had any of the really odd jobs some writers have, just a lot of different ones. From pizza cook to aerospace manufacturing, security guard to computer data specialist on IBM mainframes. Add in retail sales to assistant warehouse manager, construction worker to clerk/timekeeper.

Then, mix thoroughly and add a dash of dry humor, and what you get is someone who sometimes looks at things from a different angle. The influences on my writing are too many to list, but I’ll share the names of a few ( OK, a lot) of my very favorite fiction authors, in no particular order. Terry Pratchett, H. Beam Piper, Georgette Heyer, Mercedes Lackey, Christopher Anvil, Murray Leinster, Lois McMasters Bujold, Kenneth Bulmer, Glen Cook, Randall Garrett, Rudyard Kipling, Elizabeth Peters, Eric Frank Russell, James Schmitz and E. E. “Doc” Smith. I’d better stop now, or I’ll run on for hours.

I am working on a series of fairly hard science-fiction stories that will stand alone, but have the possibility of becoming chapters in a full-length novel at some distant period in the future. I am cheerfully and caustically supported in this by a local writers group, all of whom are much better writers than I am.

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