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Ken Allan Dronsfield

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Ken Allan Dronsfield started writing poetry at 16 years old while working on song lyrics for his personal enjoyment.

After spending eight years in the military, he continued writing. He drove a long-haul 18-wheeler over the road throughout the United States and Canada for many years while living in Northern Florida and Georgia. His travels took him to Oklahoma and, after falling in love with the area, he moved there.

In semi-retirement, he started writing full-time. He decided to seek publication of his work after writing short inspirational pieces for his Facebook Page, Aura of the Earth. A staunch Wolf Rights supporter, he is a contributing Editor to the Protecting Yellowstone Wolves Facebook page.

He began his full-time poetry career in November 2015 and has, to date, had over 60 poems and one short story officially published in magazines, journals and blogs such as Least Bittern Books, Indiana Voice Journal, The Poet Community, Whispers in the Wind, Jellyfish Whispers and Tuck Magazine.

He enjoys playing guitar, hiking and spending time with his cats, Merlin and Willa.

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